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March 26, 2017
Thousands of monkeys are dying from yellow fever in Brazil

(UPI) Mar 22, 2017
Yellow fever, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, is spreading through Brazil, infecting and killing both monkeys and humans. According to the latest reports from local scientists, several thousand monkeys - most of them howler monkeys - have been killed by the virus since the outbreak began in late 2016. Significant portions of the Brazilian rainforest are without a single howler monkey, researchers say. "It was just silence, a sense of emptiness," Karen Strier, an anthr ... read more

China's demand for medicine fuels African donkey slaughter
Mogosani, South Africa (AFP) March 21, 2017
Under a cloudless sky in South Africa's northwestern farming region, donkeys still amble along muddy paths, pausing to nibble on grass, oblivious to the threat from a demand for Chinese medicine. ... more
AsiaSat transmits live heart surgery
Hong KongLos Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 17, 2017
AsiaSat was proud to support live transmissions of a heart surgery earlier this year in Hong Kong, providing medical practitioners attending a conference in Singapore the opportunity to see the proc ... more
NASA twins study team begins integrating results
Houston TX (SPX) Mar 17, 2017
It begins with one instrument. Then another joins in. Before you know it a grand symphony is playing before your eyes. NASA Twins Study researchers are eager to integrate their results and create a ... more
Web-based counseling lowers blood pressure as much as meds: study
Washington (AFP) March 18, 2017
People who received regular lifestyle counseling online were able to lower their blood pressure as much as a medication would, researchers said Saturday. ... more
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MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
UN body urges China to act as bird flu deaths spike
Rome (AFP) March 17, 2017
The UN's food agency on Friday urged China to step up efforts to contain and eliminate a strain of bird flu which has killed scores of people this year. ... more
700 dead as malaria 'epidemic' hits Burundi
Nairobi (AFP) March 14, 2017
About 700 people have died from malaria in Burundi so far this year, the health minister said, with the authorities having registered 1.8 million infections in a rising epidemic. ... more
Making resistant superbugs sensitive to antibiotics
Copenhagen, Denmark (SPX) Mar 15, 2017
New research is paving the way for the development of innovative drugs that restore antibiotic susceptibility in antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, a main cause of fatal l ... more
Scientists zoom in on AIDS virus hideout
Paris (AFP) March 15, 2017
French scientists said Wednesday they had found a way to pinpoint elusive white blood cells which provide a hideout for the AIDS virus in people taking anti-HIV drugs. ... more
Paris's overworked rat-catchers on strike
Paris (AFP) March 14, 2017
Paris's overworked rat-catchers staged a one-day strike Tuesday, protesting outside city hall to demand reinforcements and bonuses two months after carrying out a massive cull in the French capital. ... more
Exhaust fumes as a resource
Nuremberg, Germany (SPX) Mar 17, 2017
Chemists at Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg (FAU) have developed a process in which nitrogen oxides generated during industrial processes can be used in the manufacture of colouran ... more

Paris mayor to spend 1.5 million euros for 'war on rats'

New material regrows bone
Chicago IL (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
A team of researchers repaired a hole in a mouse's skull by regrowing "quality bone," a breakthrough that could drastically improve the care of people who suffer severe trauma to the skull or face. ... more
New technology platform propels the use of 'organs-on-chips'
Boston MA (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
A research team led by scientists from Brigham and Women's Hospital has developed a novel technology platform that enables the continuous and automated monitoring of so-called "organs-on-chips" - ti ... more
Groundbreaking technology rewarms large-scale tissues preserved at low temperatures
Minneapolis MN (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
A research team, led by the University of Minnesota, has discovered a groundbreaking process to successfully rewarm large-scale animal heart valves and blood vessels preserved at very low temperatur ... more
Czech scientists build non-metal magnet out of carbon
Prague (UPI) Mar 06, 2017
Scientists in the Czech Republic created magnetized carbon by treating graphene layers with non-metallic elements. ... more

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Video game study suggests people will remain calm as the world ends
Washington (UPI) Mar 20, 2017
Many assume the world will end in chaos, a complete breakdown of the social order. The results of a new video game study suggest otherwise. Participants in a role-playing video game study engaged in acts of cooperation and assistance as their virtual world came to an end. Analysis of the virtual actions of 80,000 participants playing ArcheAge showed acts of violence were relatively rare ... more
Luxembourg (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
SES is enabling disaster response and connecting affected communities
Tokyo (AFP) March 17, 2017
Japan court rules government liable for Fukushima disaster
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) March 26, 2017
In Iraq's Mosul, a school becomes a field hospital
Satnavs 'switch off' parts of the brain
London, UK (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Using a satnav to get to your destination 'switches off' parts of the brain that would otherwise be used to simulate different routes, reveals new UCL research. The study, published in Nature Communications and funded by Wellcome, involved 24 volunteers navigating a simulation of Soho in central London while undergoing brain scans. The researchers investigated activity in the hippocampus, ... more
London (UPI) Mar 13, 2017
Technology can reduce GPS outages from Northern Lights, researchers say
Los Angeles CA (UPI) Mar 07, 2017
DevOps process reduces GPS OCX development time for Raytheon
Beijing (AFP) Feb 21, 2017
Police in China's restive Xinjiang to track cars by GPS
Human skull evolved along with two-legged walking, study confirms
Austin TX (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
The evolution of bipedalism in fossil humans can be detected using a key feature of the skull - a claim that was previously contested but now has been further validated by researchers at Stony Brook University and The University of Texas at Austin. Compared with other primates, the large hole at the base of the human skull where the spinal cord passes through, known as the foramen magnum, ... more
University Park PA (SPX) Mar 17, 2017
Nose form was shaped by climate
Washington (UPI) Mar 17, 2017
Human skull and bipedalism evolved side-by-side
Tanjung Gusta, Indonesia (AFP) March 17, 2017
Indonesian tribes gather amid push to protect homelands
Microbes adapt to colonize different body parts
Washington (UPI) Mar 20, 2017
Different microbes specialize in colonizing different parts of the human body. New research by Duke scientists shows microbes diverged into new species as they adapted to new organs and body parts - including mouths, noses, genitalia and guts. "Over the last decade, there has been significant interest in developing probiotics and transplants of beneficial bacteria to treat a wide varie ... more
San Salvador (AFP) March 21, 2017
Bone surgery for El Salvador's last male jaguar
Millbrook NY (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
It's a fish eat tree world
Washington (UPI) Mar 20, 2017
What triggers salmon migrations?
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Thousands of monkeys are dying from yellow fever in Brazil
(UPI) Mar 22, 2017
Yellow fever, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, is spreading through Brazil, infecting and killing both monkeys and humans. According to the latest reports from local scientists, several thousand monkeys - most of them howler monkeys - have been killed by the virus since the outbreak began in late 2016. Significant portions of the Brazilian rainforest are without a sin ... more
Rome (AFP) March 17, 2017
UN body urges China to act as bird flu deaths spike
Paris (AFP) March 15, 2017
Scientists zoom in on AIDS virus hideout
Nairobi (AFP) March 14, 2017
700 dead as malaria 'epidemic' hits Burundi
Young Chinese jet set shop at Hong Kong's Art Basel
Hong Kong (AFP) March 23, 2017
Huang Xiaoshuai and his wife last year splashed out $70,000 for a large painting of fish by Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody - part of a growing clique of young, affluent Chinese art enthusiasts building their own high-end collections. The picture now hangs in their Shanghai home and the couple, along with other mainland collectors, have flown in to attend VIP events at this week's Art Bas ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) March 21, 2017
Distraught Hong Kong villagers battle to save their homes
Hong Kong (AFP) March 26, 2017
Beijing favourite Lam wins Hong Kong leadership
Hong Kong (AFP) March 23, 2017
China watches Hong Kong vote as protests threatened
Philippines seeks US, China help to combat sea pirates
Manila (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
The Philippines is seeking US and Chinese help to guard a major sea lane as Islamic militants shift attacks to international shipping, officials said Wednesday. Manila does not want the Sibutu Passage between Malaysia's Sabah state and the southern Philippines to turn into a Somalia-style pirate haven, coast guard officials said. The deep-water channel, used by 13,000 vessels each year, ... more
Lome (AFP) Oct 15, 2016
African leaders tackle piracy, illegal fishing at Lome summit
New York (AFP) Oct 5, 2016
US to deport ex-navy chief drug trafficker to Guinea-Bissau
Culiacan, Mexico (AFP) Sept 30, 2016
Gunmen ambush Mexican military convoy, kill 5 soldiers
Property and credit booms stablise China growth
Beijing (AFP) Oct 19, 2016
Chinese growth stabilised in the third quarter, data showed Wednesday, as ample credit and hot property markets propped up the world's second-largest economy. But while the forecast-beating reading was in line with state targets, it came as experts warned that authorities have relied too much on easy credit, which has in turn increased financial risks. The economy grew 6.7 percent in Jul ... more
New York (AFP) Oct 14, 2016
China data and US banks propel equities higher
Beijing (AFP) Oct 11, 2016
No debt-for-equity cure for zombie firms, says China
Beijing (AFP) Oct 13, 2016
China's ranks of super-rich rise despite economic slowdown
MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
Tillerson to meet allies as NATO races to save talks
Washington (AFP) March 25, 2017
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will meet with NATO members next week in Brussels, officials said Friday, as alliance diplomats worked to nail down the date. "We are currently planning to hold the meeting of NATO foreign ministers on 31 March. Consultations on scheduling among Allies are ongoing," a NATO official in Brussels said. The NATO foreign ministers meeting had been planned f ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 23, 2017
Germany blocks defense exports to Turkey
Beijing (AFP) March 23, 2017
China-backed bank approves 13 new members
Manila (AFP) March 23, 2017
Manila could share maritime resources with China: Duterte
Cells adapt ultra-rapidly to zero gravity
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Mar 01, 2017
Mammalian cells are optimally adapted to gravity. But what happens in the microgravity environment of space if the earth's pull disappears? Previously, many experiments exhibited cell changes - after hours or even days in zero gravity. Astronauts, however, returned to Earth without any severe health problems after long missions in space, which begs the question as to how capable cells are of ada ... more
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
'Gravitational noise' interferes with determining distant sources
Chicago IL (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Increasing the sensitivity of next-generation gravitational wave detectors
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
Twitter suspends more accounts linked to 'terrorism'
Washington (AFP) March 21, 2017
Twitter said Tuesday it suspended 376,890 accounts in the second half of 2016 for "promotion of terrorism," an increase of 60 percent over the prior six-month period. The latest suspensions bring the total number of blocked accounts to 636,248 from August 2015, when Twitter stepped up efforts to curb "violent extremism," the company announced as part of its latest transparency report. Th ... more
Washington (AFP) March 16, 2017
Russia runs up cyber score against US with Yahoo, election hacks
Washington (AFP) March 19, 2017
Secrets from smart devices find path to legal system
Beijing (AFP) March 17, 2017
China blocks Pinterest: censorship watchdogs
Pentagon enjoying greater leeway under Trump
Washington (AFP) March 26, 2017
The Pentagon under President Donald Trump is enjoying greater freedom to run its wars the way it wants - and not constantly seek White House approval on important decisions. Many in the military appreciate this increased autonomy, but critics charge it is raising civilian death rates, puts the lives of US troops at greater risk and leads to a lack of oversight of America's conflicts. No ... more
Baghdad (AFP) March 24, 2017
Iraq's Sadr threatens boycott if election law unchanged
Near Mosul, Iraq (AFP) March 25, 2017
Mosul exodus as air strikes kill 'dozens'
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) March 23, 2017
Mosul comes alive with the sound of music
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Russia denies supplying Taliban after NATO claim
Moscow (AFP) March 24, 2017
Russia on Friday denied allegations by the commander of NATO that Moscow may be assisting the Taliban as the insurgents fight US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. "These claims are absolutely false," Zamir Kabulov, head of the Russian foreign ministry's department responsible for Afghanistan and the Kremlin's special envoy in the country, told RIA Novosti state news agency. "These fabrica ... more
Camp Arena, Afghanistan (AFP) March 26, 2017
NATO troops race winter to give Afghan forces a morale boost
Wellington (AFP) March 24, 2017
Deadly New Zealand SAS raid in Afghanistan under scrutiny
Washington (AFP) March 23, 2017
Russia may be supplying the Taliban
Adani to begin work on Australia mine by August: report
Mumbai (AFP) March 19, 2017
India's Adani Enterprises says work on a giant coal mine near Australia's Great Barrier Reef will begin in August despite mounting opposition to the long-delayed project, local media reported Sunday. The controversial $16 billion Carmichael mine - destined to be one of the world's biggest - has encountered numerous regulatory and legal hurdles, leading to over six years of delays. Comp ... more
Prague (AFP) March 19, 2017
Czech energy group bucks green trend with bet on coal
Washington (AFP) March 17, 2017
World Bank indirectly backs harmful SE Asian projects: report
Beijing (AFP) March 14, 2017
17 killed in China coal mine accident: state media
Almond-crop fungicides are harmful to honey bees
Washington (UPI) Mar 21, 2017
Almond growers face a dilemma. They need to keep their almond trees fungus free, but new research shows almond-crop fungicides harm honey bees, the nut tree's chief pollinator. Lab tests at Texas A&M University show the fungicide iprodione significantly diminishes the survivability rate of western honey bees, Apis mellifera, the world's most common honey bee species. "Given that ... more
Brasilia (AFP) March 25, 2017
Brazil tainted meat: Three key markets resume imports
Wellington (AFP) March 21, 2017
New Zealand's 'green' image under threat: OECD
Brasilia (AFP) March 20, 2017
China bans Brazil meat in health scare: Brasilia
Ice in Ceres' shadowed craters linked to tilt history
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 23, 2017
Dwarf planet Ceres may be hundreds of millions of miles from Jupiter, and even farther from Saturn, but the tremendous influence of gravity from these gas giants has an appreciable effect on Ceres' orientation. In a new study, researchers from NASA's Dawn mission calculate that the axial tilt of Ceres - the angle at which it spins as it journeys around the sun - varies widely over the course of ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 23, 2017
The many faces of Rosetta's comet 67P
Paris (ESA) Mar 22, 2017
Collapsing cliff reveals comet's interior
Gottingen, Germany (SPX) Mar 15, 2017
Cryovolcanism on Dwarf Planet Ceres

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