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December 11, 2017
One in two Africans don't know HIV status: expert

Abidjan (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Thirty-five years after the start of the AIDS epidemic, one person in two in sub-Saharan Africa "does not know their HIV status," according to a French expert. "Testing remains insufficient in west Africa and central Africa," public health demographer Joseph Larmarange told AFP in an interview at an AIDS prevention conference in Abidjan. - Why are screenings a challenge? - "Testing is the cornerstone of our response to AIDS, because once people get tested and are found to be positive, we ... read more

Lobachevsky University scientists create a neurochip for replacing damaged areas of the brain
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Lobachevsky University researchers are working to create a neurochip capable of transmitting a signal to healthy brain cells. The neurochip can be used in devices intended to replace damaged parts o ... more
Army-developed Zika vaccine induces strong immune response in three phase 1 studies
Silver Spring MD (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Three Phase 1 human clinical trials evaluating an Army-developed Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine have shown it was safe and well-tolerated in healthy adults and induced a robust immun ... more
World's smallest tape recorder is built from microbes
New York NY (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
Through a few clever molecular hacks, researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have converted a natural bacterial immune system into a microscopic data recorder, laying the groundwork for a ... more
Campaigners incensed at failings in Africa AIDS war
Abidjan (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Angry AIDS activists are urging western and central Africa to step up the fight against HIV, saying millions of people, especially children, are at risk from complacency and underfunding. ... more
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World AIDS chief warns of risk for Africa's child brides
Abidjan (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
The head of the UN's AIDS agency on Monday urged African countries to protect young women and children who are bearing the brunt of the continent's AIDS epidemic. ... more
UN warns of drug-resistant germ risk brewing in nature
Nairobi (AFP) Dec 5, 2017
The UN warned Tuesday of a ticking time bomb of drug-resistant germs brewing in the natural environment, aided by humans dumping antibiotics and chemicals into the water and soil. ... more
Men at higher risk of dying of AIDS than women: UNAIDS
Ottawa (AFP) Dec 1, 2017
Men are less likely to test for HIV or access antiretroviral therapy and, therefore, are more likely to die of AIDS-related illnesses than women, UNAIDS said on Friday. ... more
Mosquitoes transmit dengue virus more frequently when temperatures rise
Washington (UPI) Dec 1, 2017
Mosquitoes are more likely to transmit dengue virus on warmer days, according to new research published Friday in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. ... more
PrEP: A shield against AIDS
Paris (AFP) Nov 30, 2017
"It's magic," said Francois, smiling. "Every time I take a pill I think about the people who aren't so lucky as to have this option." ... more
Nigeria's flourishing 'miracle cure' business for HIV/AIDS
Lagos (AFP) Nov 30, 2017
Blessing wanted to believe the advert on Facebook that promised "a cure for AIDS". ... more

HIV denial movement fuels Russian epidemic

NASA is sending E. coli to space for astronaut health
Moffett Field Ca (SPX) Nov 27, 2017
Ever wonder what would happen if you got sick in space? NASA has sent bacteria samples into low-Earth orbit to help find out. One of the agency's latest small satellite experiments is the E. c ... more
Plague first came to Europe during the Stone Age
Washington (UPI) Nov 22, 2017
The earliest evidence of the plague-causing bacterium Yersinia pestis suggests the disease first arrived in Europe during the Stone Age, several millennia before the first documented epidemics. ... more
Heavy rainfall precedes outbreaks of mosquito-borne viruses
Washington (UPI) Nov 22, 2017
New research suggests outbreaks of mosquito-borne viruses Zika and Chikungunya tend to begin three weeks after heavy rainfall. ... more
Kill switches for engineered microbes gone rogue
Boston MA (SPX) Nov 20, 2017
Synthetic biologists are fitting the genomes of microorganisms with synthetic gene circuits to break down polluting plastics, non-invasively diagnose and treat infections in the human gut, and gener ... more

Unearthing the underground effects of earthquakes and volcanoes
Fukuoka, Japan (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Most of what we know about earthquakes and volcanoes is based on what we can observe at the Earth's surface. However, most of the action - especially early activity that could help with disaster prediction and preparedness - occurs deep underground. Developing a clearer picture of changes in subsurface conditions, together with continuous monitoring, could provide life-saving information i ... more
Washington (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
US House approves easing of interstate rules on concealed guns
Cabaret, Haiti (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
In helping earthquake victims, life lessons for Haiti youth
Beijing (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
China says UN resolutions 'cannot solve' Rohingya crisis
Galileo satellites atop rocket for next Tuesday's flight
Paris (ESA) Dec 11, 2017
Europe's next four Galileo navigation satellites are in place atop their Ariane 5, ready to be launched next Tuesday. Liftoff from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana is scheduled for 18:36 GMT (19:36 CET, 15:36 local time), carrying Galileo satellites 19-22. Completion of Galileo's Ariane 5 rocket took place in the Spaceport's Final Assembly Building, following the arrival t ... more
Paris (ESA) Dec 05, 2017
Space technology to drive autonomous ships
Washington (UPI) Dec 5, 2017
Air Force tests Raytheon's GPS receiver aboard B-2 bomber
Denver CO (SPX) Nov 30, 2017
Lockheed Martin assembles third US Air Force GPS 3 satellite
Scientists revamp 'Out of Africa' model of early human migration
Washington (UPI) Dec 8, 2017
The "Out of Africa" model of early human migration and dispersal is outdated. As a new survey of research on the subject confirms, humans left Africa in waves, not in a single exodus. In the new survey, published this week in the journal Science, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany and the University of Hawai'i at Manoa detail early human ... more
Copenhagen, Denmark (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East
Birmingham UK (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Research suggests gorillas can develop food cleaning behavior spontaneously
Washington (UPI) Dec 6, 2017
Paleontologists reveal Little Foot, the most complete remains of an early human relative
A horse is a horse, of course, of course - except when it isn't
Santa Cruz CA (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
An international team of researchers has discovered a previously unrecognized genus of extinct horses that roamed North America during the last ice age. The new findings, published November 28 in the journal eLife, are based on an analysis of ancient DNA from fossils of the enigmatic "New World stilt-legged horse" excavated from sites such as Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming, Gypsum Cave in Ne ... more
Libreville (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
Militias, poachers wreak havoc on central Africa's wildlife: monitor
Iowa City IA (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Pigeons can discriminate both space and time
Paris (AFP) Dec 5, 2017
Sumatra's receding forests pushing tigers to the brink
Army-developed Zika vaccine induces strong immune response in three phase 1 studies
Silver Spring MD (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Three Phase 1 human clinical trials evaluating an Army-developed Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine have shown it was safe and well-tolerated in healthy adults and induced a robust immune response. Initial findings from the trials were published in The Lancet. Each of the three studies included in the paper was designed to address a unique question about background immunity, va ... more
Abidjan (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
One in two Africans don't know HIV status: expert
Abidjan (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Campaigners incensed at failings in Africa AIDS war
Abidjan (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
World AIDS chief warns of risk for Africa's child brides
EU "deeply troubled" by China's human rights record
Beijing (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
The European Union delegation to China said Friday it was "extremely concerned" about the denial to Chinese citizens of "fundamental" human rights. The EU noted "significant improvements in the Chinese people's standard of living and in access to social services such as health and education", according to a statement on its website. "However ... during the past year, we have been deeply ... more
Beijing (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
China, accused of abuses, hosts human rights forum
Beijing (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
No class: China halts chauvinist 'female morality lessons'
Beijing (AFP) Nov 29, 2017
Chinese teacher used needles to 'discipline' children: police
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Huge Australia-bound cocaine haul siezed by French navy
Sydney (AFP) Aug 4, 2017
A massive cocaine haul bound for Australia in the hull of a yacht has been intercepted by the French navy in the Pacific, officials said on Friday. The 1.46 tonnes of the drug with an estimated street value of Aus$322 million (US$256 million) was seized in the South Pacific and four crew members, believed to be Lithuanian and Latvian nationals, arrested. The vessel "Afalina", which set s ... more
Jakarta (AFP) Aug 1, 2017
Indonesia to deport 153 Chinese for $450 million scam
Washington (AFP) June 28, 2017
US lists China among worst human trafficking offenders
Pentagon braces for possible government shutdown
Washington (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
The Pentagon on Thursday warned of possible weapons delays and other military ramifications if the government shuts down over a budget deal impasse or passes a stop-gap spending bill to avert it. The US government is facing the looming prospect of shutting down as Republicans and Democrats wrangle over federal spending. Top leaders from both parties were due to meet at the White House la ... more
Vienna (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
US warns Russia over Ukraine at OSCE meeting
Colombo (AFP) Dec 9, 2017
Sri Lanka hands over debt-laden port to Chinese owner
New York (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Billionaire Guo Wengui wants regime change in Beijing
Researchers measure magnetic moment with greatest possible precision
Mainz, Germany (SPX) Nov 30, 2017
The magnetic moment of an individual proton is inconceivably small, but can still be quantified. The basis for undertaking this measurement was laid over ten years ago, and physicists of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, GSI Darmstadt, and the RIKEN research institute in Japan are still performing experiments to measure this force with a sin ... more
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Nov 28, 2017
Physicists make most precise measurement ever of a proton's magnetic moment
Pasadena CA (JPL) Nov 15, 2017
Listening for gravitational waves using pulsars
New York NY (SPX) Nov 14, 2017
Gravity waves from merging supermassive black holes will be found soon
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
NUS scientist develops 'toolboxes' for quantum cybersecurity
Singapore (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
A quantum information scientist from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed efficient "toolboxes" comprising theoretical tools and protocols for quantifying the security of high-speed quantum communication. Assistant Professor Charles Lim is part of an international team of experimental and theoretical scientists from Duke University, Ohio State University and Oak Ridge Nationa ... more
Washington (AFP) Nov 29, 2017
Hackers could get even nastier in 2018: researchers
Brooklyn NY (SPX) Nov 30, 2017
The ultimate defense against hackers may be just a few atoms thick
Durham NC (SPX) Nov 28, 2017
Quantum computers help create hack-proof forms of data encryption
Iraq holds military parade to celebrate victory over IS
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Iraq's armed forces held a military parade in Baghdad on Sunday to celebrate the victory announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi over the Islamic State group. Abadi on Saturday declared victory in Iraq's three-year war to expel the jihadist group that at its height endangered the country's very existence. Iraqi army units marched through the main square in central Baghdad as helicopt ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
Hashed al-Shaabi: controversial force on Iraq's front lines
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 9, 2017
Iraq since the US-led invasion of 2003
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 9, 2017
The Islamic State group in Iraq
Iraq Kurds denounce PM for comparing them to jihadists
Baghdad (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
Iraq's autonomous Kurdish area Friday accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of "hatred" of the Kurds after he compared their September independence referendum to acts by the Islamic State group. At a meeting of his Dawa party on Wednesday, Abadi said: "To have maintained Iraqi unity and prevented the crime of partition is a victory as great as that against Daesh (IS)." After a September ... more
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) Dec 6, 2017
Car bomb hits Iraqi Kurdish area, causing deaths: party official
Moscow (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
Russia says provided air cover for Kurdish militia in Syria
Islamabad (AFP) Dec 4, 2017
US defense chief lands in Pakistan as ties between allies fray
Battle lines drawn over coal at UN climate talks
Bonn (AFP) Nov 16, 2017
A score of mostly wealthy nations banded together at UN climate talks Thursday to swear off coal-fired power, a key driver of global warming and air pollution. To cap global warming at "well under" two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) - the planet-saving target in the 196-nation Paris Agreement - coal must be phased out in developed countries by 2030, and "by no later than 2050 in ... more
Bonn (AFP) Nov 16, 2017
Anti-coal drive at UN climate talks stalked by pro-coal White House
Hambach Coal Mine, Near Niederzier, Germany (AFP) Nov 5, 2017
Protest at open-pit coal mine near Bonn ahead of UN climate talks
Washington (UPI) Oct 17, 2017
Coal still holds a slight edge as U.S. power source
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NASA, University of Maryland Join Forces on Food Security
College Park MD (SPX) Dec 08, 2017
NASA has tapped the University of Maryland to lead a new consortium focused on putting satellite data to use to enhance food security and agriculture around the world. The Earth Observations for Food Security and Agriculture Consortium (EOFSAC) will combine the expertise of more than 40 partners to advance the use of Earth observations in informing decisions that affect the global food sup ... more
Amherst MA (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Soil researchers quantify an underappreciated factor in carbon release to the atmosphere
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Drought-resistant plant genes could accelerate evolution of water-use efficient crops
Champaign IL (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
Light green plants save nitrogen without sacrificing photosynthetic efficiency
B612 Asteroid Institute provides valuable analysis to discovery of First Interstellar Object
San Francisco CA (SPX) Dec 06, 2017
Within days of the announcement by NASA's Minor Planet Center of the discovery of the first-ever interstellar object, 'Oumuamua, B612's new Asteroid Institute began a collaborative effort that led to significant analysis about the discovery. Bryce Bolin, a senior researcher at the Asteroid Institute as well as a DIRAC Institute Fellow, was the lead author on the study measuring 1I/'Oumuamu ... more
Gottingen, Germany (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
Rosetta details a comet's key ingredients
Stirling UK (SPX) Dec 04, 2017
Metal asteroid Psyche is all set for an early visit from NASA
Paris (ESA) Nov 30, 2017
Selected asteroids detected by GAIA between August 2014 And May 2016
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