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June 27, 2017
Sri Lanka blames garbage pile-up for record dengue toll

Colombo (AFP) June 26, 2017
Sri Lanka has suffered a record 200 deaths from dengue fever this year, the health minister said Monday, blaming a garbage disposal crisis in Colombo. Rotting garbage has been piling up in many parts of the capital since the country's main rubbish tip collapsed in April, crushing dozens of homes and killing 32 people. With nowhere to take the trash, municipal collection has drastically slowed and led to huge piles on the streets which authorities say are encouraging mosquito-breeding. "The s ... read more

In Colombia, FARC 'nurses' want to trade arms for white coats
Colinas, Colombia (AFP) June 22, 2017
As a battlefield nurse for Colombia's FARC rebels, Johana Japon helped stitch up wounded fighters as bullets whizzed past her. ... more
Ten ways that astronauts are helping you stay healthy
London, UK (SPX) Jun 21, 2017
Astronauts on the International Space Station are growing crystals that could help develop new drugs for use on Earth. Here are ten healthcare technologies that have already come from space: 1 ... more
Ancient prosthesis: Scientists are studying a 3,000-year-old wooden big toe
Washington (UPI) Jun 21, 2017
Researchers in Switzerland are in the process of analyzing what may be the world's oldest prosthetic device. The 3,000-year-old artificial wooden big toe is offering insights into skills of ancient artisans, as well as the anatomical and medical know how of early physicians. ... more
Six experts resign from Trump HIV/AIDS panel
Washington (AFP) June 18, 2017
Six top health advisors have resigned from Donald Trump's advisory council on HIV/AIDS, complaining that the US president doesn't really care about combatting the illness. ... more
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Nuclear decommissioning and used fuel market map 2017
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Investigation Tests Drug to Activate Immune System, Help Fight Cancer
Houston TX (SPX) Jun 16, 2017
On Earth, research into antibody-drug conjugates to treat cancer has been around a while. The research presents a problem, though, because Earth-based laboratories aren't able to mimic the shape of ... more
Warmer climate threatens malaria spread in Ethiopia
Paris (AFP) June 14, 2017
Cool, high-lying areas of Ethiopia hitherto shielded from heat-loving malaria mosquitoes are increasingly exposed to the disease as the climate warms, researchers said Thursday. ... more
China probes academic fraud by cancer researchers
Beijing (AFP) June 15, 2017
China is investigating claims of academic fraud involving mostly Chinese cancer researchers after more than 100 articles were withdrawn from a foreign medical journal. ... more
Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor
Melbourne, Australia (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Researchers have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen - the cleanest source of energy. The paint contains a newly developed compound that acts ... more
Scientists fight mosquitoes, malaria with toxin-infused fungi
Washington (UPI) Jun 13, 2017
An international team of scientists is taking a unique approach in the battle against malaria-carrying mosquitoes. The team, lead by researchers from the University of Maryland, have designed a mosquito-targeting fungus that replicates spider and scorpion toxins. ... more
Space-traveling flatworms help scientists enhance understanding of regenerative health
Medford MA (SPX) Jun 12, 2017
Flatworms that spent five weeks aboard the International Space Station are helping researchers led by Tufts University scientists to study how an absence of normal gravity and geomagnetic fields can ... more

Cell Cultures Go For the Gold

Georgia State neuroscientists rewire brain of 1 species to have connectivity of another
Atlanta GA (SPX) Jun 05, 2017
Scientists at Georgia State University have rewired the neural circuit of one species and given it the connections of another species to test a hypothesis about the evolution of neural circuits and ... more
Cholera epidemic timeline
Paris (AFP) June 8, 2017
Cholera, which has killed 789 and infected 100,000 in war-ravaged Yemen since the end of April, is a water-borne disease which goes hand in hand with poverty. ... more
Emergency medicine in space: Normal rules don't apply
Geneva, Switzerland (SPX) Jun 06, 2017
Experts at this year's Euroanaesthesia congress in Geneva (3-5 June) will discuss the unusual and challenging problem of how to perform emergency medical procedures during space missions. "Spa ... more
Texas team debuts battery-less pacemaker
Houston TX (SPX) Jun 07, 2017
A wireless, battery-less pacemaker that can be implanted directly into a patient's heart is being introduced by researchers from Rice University and their colleagues at the Texas Heart Institute (TH ... more

New landslide hits China disaster area
Beijing (AFP) June 27, 2017
More rock and mud fell on Tuesday at the site of a major landslide that buried a mountain village and scores of people in southwest China last weekend, state media said. No one was injured in the new and smaller avalanche as the area where Xinmo village once stood had been cordoned off following warnings on Monday, Xinhua news agency reported. Rescuers workers who had been digging throug ... more
Paris (AFP) June 23, 2017
Kurdish designers bring fight with IS to Paris catwalk
Diexi, China (AFP) June 25, 2017
Hopes dim in search for 93 missing in China landslide
Diexi, China (AFP) June 25, 2017
Hopes dim in search for 118 buried by China landslide
Lockheed Martin nears completion of GPS III satellite
Washington (UPI) Jun 26, 2017
Lockheed Martin is nearly finished with its third GPS III satellite, part of a planned order of 10 to form a new GPS network for the U.S. military. The GPS III network is meant to provide greater accuracy for air, ground, and sea-based GPS systems. It features anti-jamming systems that are supposed to be up to 8 times more effective than other satellites. The first GPS III satellite SV0 ... more
Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Jun 21, 2017
New reports confirm near-perfect performance record for civil GPS service
New Delhi (Sputnik) Jun 20, 2017
India to Make Native Navigation System Mandatory For All Aircraft
Beijing (XNA) Jun 14, 2017
BDS Precise Service System covers over 300 Chinese cities
New research suggests problematic memories could be deleted
Washington (UPI) Jun 22, 2017
In a series of experiments, neuroscientists were able to selectively delete different types of memories stored a single neuron belonging to a marine snail. The feat, detailed in the journal Current Biology, suggests problematic memories - like those responsible for PSTD and anxiety - in the human brain could be excised without harming other memories. When the brain stores a tra ... more
Pasadena CA (SPX) Jun 27, 2017
The neural relationship between light and sleep
United Nations, United States (AFP) June 21, 2017
World population to reach 9.8 bln in 2050, UN says
Shanghai (AFP) June 17, 2017
Chinese gays hear wedding bells as Taiwan move fuels hope
Yellowstone grizzly bear removed from endangered list
Washington (AFP) June 23, 2017
Grizzly bears native to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area are being removed from the endangered species list, the US government said Thursday, calling efforts to replenish the population a major success. Conservation groups were however quick to criticize the move, saying dropping federal protections would again put grizzly bears at risk. The grizzly bear was first place ... more
Oxford UK (SPX) Jun 26, 2017
City rats: Why scientists are not hot on their tails
Washington (UPI) Jun 26, 2017
Panda conservation offers broad ecological benefits, research shows
Berlin (AFP) June 24, 2017
Panda mania hits Germany as China's cuddly envoys arrive
Sri Lanka blames garbage pile-up for record dengue toll
Colombo (AFP) June 26, 2017
Sri Lanka has suffered a record 200 deaths from dengue fever this year, the health minister said Monday, blaming a garbage disposal crisis in Colombo. Rotting garbage has been piling up in many parts of the capital since the country's main rubbish tip collapsed in April, crushing dozens of homes and killing 32 people. With nowhere to take the trash, municipal collection has drastically s ... more
Washington (AFP) June 18, 2017
Six experts resign from Trump HIV/AIDS panel
Paris (AFP) June 14, 2017
Warmer climate threatens malaria spread in Ethiopia
Washington (UPI) Jun 13, 2017
Scientists fight mosquitoes, malaria with toxin-infused fungi
Hong Kong in Beijing's shadow 20 years after handover
Hong Kong (AFP) June 27, 2017
When Xi Jinping lands in Hong Kong on Thursday for the first time since becoming China's president, he will step into a deeply divided city uncertain of its future. The visit marks 20 years since Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain and comes at a time when many fear the semi-autonomous city's freedoms are being lost to an ever more assertive Beijing. Protests are expected duri ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) June 23, 2017
China's Xi visit to Hong Kong confirmed: report
Beijing (AFP) June 23, 2017
China court slashes jail term for debt-collector killer
Beijing (AFP) June 23, 2017
Beijing shopkeepers protest evictions
Integrated Air and Missile Defense 2017 - Sept 27-29 - Washington DC
Golden Triangle narco-gangs churning out new highs, UN warns
Bangkok (AFP) June 1, 2017
Southeast Asian drug cartels are diversifying the narcotics they produce, the UN's crime agency warned Wednesday, with more than 160 new highs hitting the market in the last eight years. The Golden Triangle - where Laos, southern China, Thailand and Myanmar intersect - is the world's second largest drug producer after Latin America. It is notorious for churning out heroin and methamphe ... more
Bogota (AFP) May 4, 2017
UN counter-drug official kidnapped in Colombia: officials
New Delhi (AFP) April 9, 2017
Indian, Chinese navies rescue ship hijacked by Somali pirates
Manila (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
Philippines seeks US, China help to combat sea pirates
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
US heavily armed, but many ambivalent about it: survey
Washington (AFP) June 22, 2017
A country armed with nearly one pistol, rifle or shotgun for every citizen, the United States has a worldwide reputation for being gun-crazy. But the reality is much more complex, according to a survey released Thursday, which says gun violence is contributing to significant ambivalence even though it encourages some to arm up. The Pew Research Center survey confirms well-known basics: f ... more
Ulan Bator (AFP) June 24, 2017
Mongolian voters weigh love-hate relationship with China
United Nations, United States (AFP) June 22, 2017
In blow to Britain, UN votes to seek legal opinion on Chagos fate
Washington (AFP) June 22, 2017
US defense contractor accused of spying for China
Hubble Astronomers Measure White Dwarf's Mass with Relativity Experiment
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jun 08, 2017
Astronomers have used the sharp vision of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to repeat a century-old test of Einstein's general theory of relativity. The Hubble team measured the mass of a white dwarf, the burned-out remnant of a normal star, by seeing how much it deflects the light from a background star. This observation represents the first time Hubble has witnessed this type of effect creat ... more
Innsbruck, Austria (SPX) Jun 05, 2017
Breaking Newton's Law
San Francisco CA (SPX) Jun 05, 2017
Are dense star clusters the origin of the gravitational waves discovered by LIGO?
Pasadena CA (SPX) Jun 02, 2017
Gravitational Waves Detected for Third Time
China agrees to fight corporate hacking in Canada
Ottawa (AFP) June 26, 2017
China has pledged not to carry out state-sponsored cyberattacks against the intellectual property of Canadian firms, the two sides said Monday. The agreement was reached as part of ongoing bilateral security and trade talks. Western governments have accused Chinese hackers of stealing valuable proprietary technologies and business secrets from high-tech and pharmaceutical companies, as w ... more
Beijing (AFP) June 22, 2017
China orders halt to video streaming on major websites
Washington (AFP) June 20, 2017
Social media 'bots' from Russia distorting global politics: study
Washington (AFP) June 19, 2017
Data firm working for Trump exposed 198 mn voter files: researchers
Iraq forces push deep into devastated Old Mosul
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 25, 2017
Iraqi forces battled deep into the devastated historical heart of Mosul and closed in fast on the last pockets of jihadists Sunday, eight months into an epic battle to retake the city. Three years after overrunning Mosul and making it the de facto Iraqi capital of the "caliphate" they proclaimed, the jihadists only controlled about a square kilometre in the city, commanders said. Lieuten ... more
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 26, 2017
Iraq forces comb west Mosul after IS counter-attacks
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 22, 2017
Mosul's 'hunchback' minaret: Iraq's beloved landmark
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) June 24, 2017
At least three killed in Mosul suicide attacks: officials
Directed Energy And Next Generation Munitions - 26-28 June - Washington DC
Pakistan deploys 15,000-strong force for Chinese security
Islamabad (AFP) June 25, 2017
Pakistan has deployed a 15,000-strong military force to protect Chinese nationals working on energy and infrastructure projects in the country, the president said Sunday, after the abduction of a Chinese couple raised safety concerns. President Mamnoon Hussain told visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Islamabad that the protection of Chinese citizens working in Pakistan was the "top ... more
Washington (AFP) June 21, 2017
US watchdog decries pricey woodland uniforms for Afghan army
Astana, Kazakhstan (AFP) June 21, 2017
Airport in Kazakh capital renamed after president
Kabul (AFP) June 15, 2017
Four dead as suicide bombers hit Kabul Shiite mosque
Rio prefers Yancoal to Glencore in Australia coal sale
Sydney (AFP) June 26, 2017
Rio Tinto Monday recommended shareholders accept a new improved offer from Yancoal for its Australian coal assets, after the China-backed firm trumped a fresh bid from Swiss commodities giant Glencore. Rio, the world's second-largest miner, said in January it was selling Coal & Allied to Yancoal Australia - majority-controlled by China's Yanzhou Coal - for US$2.45 billion. But Glencore ... more
Sydney (AFP) June 26, 2017
Glencore makes new bid for Rio's Australia coal assets
Sydney (AFP) June 20, 2017
Rio backs Yancoal over Glencore for Australia coal minesw
Tomsk, Russia (SPX) Jun 12, 2017
Coal waste fuel may reduce anthropogenic emissions
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Bubbling Chinese market centre-stage at world wine fest
Bordeaux (AFP) June 22, 2017
With a middle-class increasingly thirsty for reds, whites and Italian bubbly, China is the hot ticket for wine traders looking for opportunities at this year's Vinexpo industry extravaganza. The world's most populous nation has for years been seen as an El Dorado for foreign wine-makers - but those hoping to cash in need to keep up with continuing rapid transformations in the market, includ ... more
Beijing (AFP) June 18, 2017
China 'backyard' pig farmers squeezed as sector scales up
Beijing (AFP) June 21, 2017
China opens gates to US beef imports
Bordeaux (AFP) June 21, 2017
Growers at Bordeaux winefest unite against climate change
Dutch scientists fete rare meteorite find
The Hague (AFP) June 26, 2017
Dutch scientists on Monday celebrated the rare discovery of meteorite in The Netherlands, which at 4.5-billion years old may hold clues to the birth of our solar system. "Meteorites are very special because we do not have rocks of this age on earth," said geologist Leo Kriegsman from the Naturalis biodiversity centre in Leiden in a YouTube video marking the occasion. The fist-sized meteo ... more
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jun 27, 2017
Impact Threat from Asteroid Apophis Cannot Be Ruled Out
Belfast, UK (SPX) Jun 27, 2017
Queen's University scientist warns of asteroid danger
Bethesda, MD (SPX) Jun 21, 2017
Are NEOs Coming to Earth?

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